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Building Brand Awareness

20th August, 2019

If you are getting bored of the same kind of marketing, the chances are so are you prospective customers.

In order to stand out, build brand awareness, you need to challenge yourself, do something different, be confident and go against the grain. The demand to be different and has never been more important as the once quiet world is getting louder and LOUDER and LOUDER with thousands of messages a day, which we struggle to digest in our busy days. During my latest visit to London, I had some extra time and whilst not rushing I tried to stand back and take in the sheer volume of brands, colours, messages and movement. It was staggering, but never fails to inspire me, even on the bleakest of days.

There are a vast number of levers at your disposal in order to achieve this, whether it be advertising, email, direct mail, guerrilla marketing or events, but there are some common themes that you need to consider.

  1. Know your audience motivations
  2. Be heard, be seen, be credible
  3. What makes you different?


It’s not enough to just make noise, your have to have a service or product that makes you different.

B2B Example of Building Brand Awareness

A B2B example of this at Sanders and Jay was with Cyber Business Growth (CBG) specialists consultants in Cyber Security. The Brief: Make an introduction to prospective clients and find an alternative way rather than just an introduction email, Linkedin message or a services prospective in the post.

After providing 4 alternative options, the client selected the vinyl record concept “Record Sales in 2019”, a promotional desk clock, packaged nicely in a presentation box, accompanied with an introduction to the company and reasons to believe.

  • The audience is motivated by sales and delivery
  • A bespoke record gift is engaging, different to competitor approaches and embodies the CEOs passion for music.
  • CBG are a credible business with unparalleled expert consultants in Cyber Security and can provide support to any aspiring business in Cyber.


Whilst you can have the best activation idea the importance of obtaining the right contacts is critical as you don’t want to waste hard earned money on the wrong person.

Find out more about how Sanders and Jay Design and Marketing agency could help your organisation stand out from the competition.

by Josh Murphy, CEO & Founder

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