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SEO services, strategy and consultancy

Whilst we are more than just an SEO agency, search engine optimisation is one of the services that we offer. Depending on your requirements (and hopefully, our recommendations) we offer the full suite of SEO services, including technical, on-page and off-page SEO.

More to offer...

SEO services include:

+ Technical SEO audits including indexation, site speed (including Core Web Vitals), site structure and information architecture

+ On-page/content tactics and strategy, keyword research using Google Trends and other proprietary tools, content gaps, competitor analysis, internal linking and asset optimisation

+ Off-page strategy including backlink audits, strategy and ethical link building recommendations

+ Supporting work around web analytics for SEO, helping with SEO tooling, training and onboarding

All of these tasks can be performed on an ad hoc basis, but search engines and competitors are constantly changing — that’s why we favour a longer, strategic engagement with a strategy that is tailored to your brand and website – read on to find out why.

Our approach to SEO

You may come across companies that offer to get you “to the top of Google” for a few hundred pounds a month. The reason they can make this claim is that it’s entirely possible for a handful of low competition, highly specific terms that will not actually drive any significant traffic, or are not used by the right audience, or a sizeable audience.

The fact is that doing SEO properly requires time, commitment, and patience.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach, because there are so many factors that go into planning and executing an SEO campaign that it’s just not realistic to expect life-changing results quickly or for such a low price.

Before we become your SEO agency...

Before any work begins or SEO quotes are issued we will:

+ Ask that you fill in a general digital marketing questionnaire that covers search engine marketing in general, but with specific sections on organic search (as opposed to paid search/PPC)

+ Ask about your expectations

+ Look at your current site’s search visibility

+ Look at your proposed competitor set/the SEO landscape


Only then will we proceed with next steps and talk about costs – we are not in the habit of accepting work without confirming that what you want is actually achievable. Because competitors and even search engines are always changing their strategies, SEO never really ends, but it can also take time to become competitive too — why does SEO take a while to get going?

account manager taking a brief from a client
One of our account managers taking an SEO brief!

Why does SEO take time?

There is a reason we have such a thorough approach before starting to work on an SEO strategy for a client – because we know that it’s hard work, and the more we can establish up front, the higher the chance that everyone is satisfied with the work. 

Imagine 2 websites:

Website A
has been around for 15 years. Over time, its brand has become known, and it has managed to get 100 links from around the web. 10 of those are from well known national and regional newspapers due to some PR generated by their content strategy. Their site is fast and over time they have tweaked and added to the content to match the search terms they know their audience is using. They are aware of seasonal search patterns and publish content to match these.

Website B
has just launched. It looks great and has all the core content covered to explain what the business does. Although the content at launch is optimised from a search perspective, it has no incoming links yet, partly because it hasn’t been found, and doesn’t offer any unique value to customers other than explaining the brand.

In this fictional SEO example, in order for Website B to compete with Website A it’s reasonable to assume they might need:

  • A 15 year history with the search engines, i.e. to show that they have consistently updated their content/received clicks over time
  • The same number and type of links coming into the site
  • Enough well-optimised content to cover the same breadth of topics including the obvious and more niche terms
  • Enough personnel to make it all happen

That’s a lot to catch up on, and you can’t just ask a competitor what they did — that’s why it takes time to plan, execute and analyse SEO successfully. Thankfully we can do all these things and we’d love to hear what you need!

SEO company with a difference

Get in touch with our team now for a no-strings attached, open discussion of what you want to achieve through search engine optimisation! We will let you know what we think is possible, and suggest the next steps (or even other avenues to consider, even if they’re not something we offer!).

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